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As a professional and leading financial expert, Coach JP works with individuals, couples, community organizations, corporations, schools and churches to promote the transmission of knowledge and exchange of both practical and biblical based solutions around money management, financial stability and poverty reduction. 

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JP Credit Education & Consulting LLC is certified under the Business Enterprise Program

(BEP) for Minority, Females, and Persons with Disabilities.


Two of the most common effects of financial stress are anxiety and depression.  Additionally, finances rank as one of the top reasons for divorce. If you’re an individual or couple who:

  • Are high five-figure and six-figure earners that still live check to check

  • Individuals that make enough money to cover their expenses, yet still don’t understand where all their money is going every month

  • Individuals that have no budget and no savings

  • Individuals looking to purchase a home or investment property

  • Individuals seeking to qualify for a loan or get approval for something that requires a credit check

  • Individuals looking to rebuild their credit and improve the attractiveness of their credit score

  • Individuals seeking to eliminate debt and move into wealth building

 Let me help you.




Personal money problems most commonly affect productivity in the workplace which impacts the employer's bottom line. A collaboration with Coach JP to implement a form of financial education in the workplace can gain your company a return on your investment. 

Let’s partner together to bring workplace wellness to your company.


Financial educators are not merely dispensers of knowledge, but we are learning facilitators who can shape and mold students’ behaviors that lead to long-term financial wellness into their adulthood. Coach JP takes pride in knowing that I not only impact short-term student outcomes but also lifelong financial well-being. 



As an agent of change, Coach JP collaborates with community leaders, partners, and the financial industry to develop programs and policies that address today’s most pressing consumer issues. Let’s partner and position our community efforts with the goal of not leaving anyone behind. 





One of the greatest privileges in life is to serve God by serving others.  Coach JP knows that personal finances can hinder the ability to help others, but wise financial planning makes it possible to bless those in need and grow the Kingdom of God.   

Let me share with your congregation or conference attendees practical guidance for managing money in ways that glorify God.



I invite you to schedule a consultation where you can discover the key strategies and tips you need to achieve financial freedom. My aim is to empower my individual clients, married couples, and business owners by introducing the financial tools you need to reach financial success.

Helping people create financial freedom for

20+ years.

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