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An ambitious professional, with more than 20 years of experience, Janice Parker has an extensive and diverse background in corporate and non-profit management, leadership, community engagement and organizational development. As an agent of change, Janice collaborates with community leaders, partners and the financial industry to develop programs and policies that address today’s most pressing consumer issues. One of her greatest collaborations to-date was partnering with local legislatures and housing organizations to assist with the drafting and advocation for Senate Bill 885; a state law that was passed in 2017 that protects consumers from predatory rent-to-own contracts.

Janice is a Board-Certified Credit Consultant and Financial Educator who is passionate about wealth building and its connection to consumers' well-being. Janice is well versed in moving consumers from crisis to financial peace and knows that smart money management is the key to financial success. Janice has been providing financial education services to the community for nearly two decades. Janice education experiences expand across all socioeconomic statuses including the most vulnerable populations of those who are homeless, unemployed, impoverished, incarcerated, and those with little to no financial education.

Today, as the Founder and CEO of JP Credit Education & Consulting LLC, Janice uses her platform to influence generational access to opportunity and positive life experiences while empowering individuals to discover, develop and increase their financial capacity. Her business, JP Credit Education & Consulting LLC is certified under the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) for Minority, Females, and Persons with Disabilities and the business is also a proud member of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

In 2018, Janice co-authored a book, ‘Together on Purpose for Purpose’ with her husband Derrick in which they birthed their ministry Purposeful Marriages. Their mission is to share their real, raw, and relevant story as ambassadors for Christ, bringing hope and inspiration to marriages and relationships around the world.

Through voluntary services, Janice has shared her knowledge and experience with many worthy community organizations as well as faith-based organizations. Janice has been published on a variety of topics involving housing, credit, debt, student loans, and bankruptcy, in professional journals, magazines, radio, and newspapers.

As a graduate of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce Community Leadership School, Janice continues to exhibit a true commitment to her community. She has served as a present and past board/committee member of Women’s Financial Literacy Board, Peoria Area Chamber/Workforce Development and Education Committee, Illinois Jump $tart Coalition, Financial Institutions Community Reinvestment Act Council, Lifeline Family Center, Susan G. Komen Circle of Promise, City of Peoria Fair Employment & Housing Commission, Central Illinois Continuum of Care and Phoenix Community Development Services.


Outside of work, Janice enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She’s an active member of New Life Christian Church, whereby she served humbly for nearly 15 years as the Executive Assistance to the Late Bishop Harold Dawson, Jr. and is a currently a leader over the Financial Planning Ministry.

Janice is a life-long resident of Peoria. She and her husband, Derrick have three adult children, Quanisha, Derrick Jr, and Darius (Marissa). Her most cherished gifts from God are her grandchildren, Mason, Layelle, and Derrick III.

JP Credit Education & Consulting LLC is certified under the Business Enterprise Program (BEP) for Minority, Females, and Persons with Disabilities.





I have more than 20 years of experience in financial education and a subject matter expert for credit and financial education. As a board certified credit consultant, my experience has been to work with individuals across all socioeconomic statues. My secret sauce is that I'm able to intertwine biblical principles into my message and mission.

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