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It is our personal mission to educate and empower people to achieve their credit and financial-related goals while further advancing the Kingdom.

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For over 17 years we have educated consumers and businesses in credit and housing counseling


We are Certified Consumer Credit Counselors and Educator and here to help empower through education


We are actively engaged in public policy and legislation changes for the development of consumer protection


We train your trainers on understanding credit reporting and credit scoring models
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Janice is a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor & Educator and FCRA Certified. Janice has been providing financial education services to the community for nearly two decades. Janice education experiences expand across all socioeconomic statuses including the most vulnerable populations of those who are homeless, unemployed, impoverished, incarcerated and with little to no financial education.

Our Mission

It is Janice’s personal mission to educate and empower people to achieve their credit and financial-related goals while further advancing the Kingdom.


Janice has served as an advocate in non-profit management for the credit and housing counseling industry for more than 17 years. Our goal is to engage in public policy, legislation changes, and the development of effective consumer protections in an effort to create a safe and level playing field for all consumers.


We work closely with the financial industry and community partners to develop programs and policies that address today’s most pressing consumer issues. Janice is well versed in moving clients from crisis to financial peace and knows that smart money management is the key to financial success.
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Services We provide

Credit Audit

Get a professional review of your entire credit report and one on one consulting on the steps you can take right now to improve your credit

Credit Education

Whether personal or business we give you all of our years of experience in credit to bring you the best tips and tools for understanding and improving credit

Live Training

Join our interactive webinars and bring our experience to the comfort of your home. We offer on a wide range of topics, such as budgets, credit, debt, buying a home, and more.

Financial education

In-person financial workshops on budgeting, home ownership, identity theft, credit usage, family finances and so much more.
I love helping people to LEARN good financial behaviors and skills, coaching them to APPLY their new behaviors and knowledge, so that they can MAINTAIN their financial freedom. I passionately equate financial education principles to that of the Bible scripture…

Matthew 4:19 – Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.     I can “fix” your credit (feed you fish today), or I can “teach” you how to fix and maintain your credit/financial stability (you’ll eat for a lifetime).

I want you to learn the knowledge and skills to maintain your financial security so that after you LEARN, APPLY AND MAINTAIN, you can teach your future generations how to properly manage their finances.

Janice Parker

Why Work With Us
It Comes down to 3 Keys


Education is the key to making lasting change. We educate our clients to break the spirit of poverty and activate the power of prosperity.


Knowledge without action is worthless. To help you on your journey, we motivate you to action by holding you accountable to your financial goals.


Improving your credit to find financial freedom is not a destination, it is a Journey! We help keep you educated and up to date on the most recent changes in credit and finances.
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Credit Monitoring

Credit Monitoring

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